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What is the COMMUN-A-TEE Project?

My friend Sean reached out to me about an idea he saw from a fellow print shop in New Hampshire. It was brilliant, smart, caring and it immediately resonated with me. In fact, it was so good, I vowed not to steal it and do it myself. Then, I decided to write the owner of the business to compliment their creativity and care during this harrowing time. Within the hour, the owner and I were on the phone speaking and with their blessing, I've decided to repurpose the idea for our local Commun-A-Tee.


As a 20-year resident of Mansfield, when I had the opportunity to open a retail store front in our most marquee of locations, 'The Crossing', I was both honored and scared. Could I produce a business that was worthy of being alongside national brands? Would I fail in front of all of my friends and neighbors? Five years later, I'm proud to say, you, my neighbors, have given me such love and support. Because of this support, I am grateful for the small chances I have to give back, like this.


The Commun-A-Tee project is simple: Produce a basic, but unique, tee shirt from the local businesses around us, sharing the proceeds to help these impacted businesses. In addition, many of the companies will never have a 'for sale' tee shirt of their own, so these are indeed, one of a kind. The shirt is light heather grey with a dark print. Each shirt is labeled with a custom logo commemorating this one time event on the sleeve.  


Because of the Governors order to stay in place through May 4th, all shirts will be produced the 1st week of May when we return.

Shipping will be available or a free pickup option at Ink'd once we reopen.

We are using a ringspun cotton, softstyle shirt for all tee's; assuring you a soft and luxurious feel. The print will be as shown in the graphic.


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Jay Sapovits


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