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3 Ways to Send Swag that Supercharge Sales

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

There’s an emerging secret amongst sales reps who close larger businesses: well-timed swag > well-timed emails.

The ability to send swag before, during, and after the sales process has become a real sales weapon to win over or win back new customers.

Simply put, swag works. Sales reps are using it to help excite, engage, and close new accounts.

That doesn’t mean giving everyone a branded keychain.

It means targeting a few simple strategies that you can install in your sales process to create better opportunities and close more sales.

Below we’ll cover how to elevate your sales swag strategy and capitalize on what we call ‘Opportunities to Delight.’

1.) Excite New Prospects Early On

Time in Sales Cycle: Early

After you’ve had your first ‘discovery call’ and determined the prospect is a good fit for your business (and vice versa), consider the opportunity to send a small gift as a thank you for their time.

This is prime territory to keep the relationship warm while the prospect awaits their next steps.

It’s easy to overdo it here, and nobody wants to look desperate, so find what works for you, your style, and your brand.

Two-Way Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener

This can be a digital gift or something small but useful sent directly.

Consider items like:

Example: A branded personal card with a computer decal of your logo or a fun desktop item, such as a branded slinky or fidget toy. Toys work.

PS: If you’re wondering where to start. Find an expert like us who can help you embed a process in your org. We’re happy to help you consider all aspects and introduce you to our All-In-One Swag Store service which gives you a turnkey branded solution and is FREE to get set up.

2.) Engage Brand Champions

Time in Sales Cycle: Late or Post Sale

Brand champions are some of your best allies.

They are supportive and vocal prospects or customers who have had great experiences with your company and enjoy spreading the word about your brand. Cherish them and reward them with thoughtful swag.

47 Brand Clean-Up Cap

Project management software, Asana, does this well by identifying their biggest supporter during the sales process and sending them a link to their very own swag experience.

ASANA Example: Hats, Tee’s, and Drinkware are top items on this store, where they allow you, the customer, to select what you want to receive.

Ink’d crafts this experience through our swag stores but many vendor partners exist. Consider what’s right for your brand and how your sales team could use unique web links to send swag.

3.) Close All Sales With A Company Swag Gift

Time in Sales Cycle: Post Sale

It almost goes without saying that a customer will never be

more excited about your brand than right after joining.

Corkcicle Gloss White Canteen - 25 oz.

Consider that the sales cycle doesn’t end at contracting. The first two weeks of partnership are mission-critical times as the new customer gets acclimated and dives deeper into the partnership.

This is one of the best processes to put in place when you want to send swag for real impact.

Example: Food and nicer branded items are excellent rewards for new partnerships.

Nothing will ever say “thank you”, “so glad to have you on board”, and “we’re here for you” better than well-timed swag.

An email? No thanks…

If you’re a brand that is scaling up and looking for ways to improve sales close rates, send swag.


The best swag works better than the same old swag, so trust that Ink’d can help you stand out.

If you're looking for an easy and simple solution for your sales teams to send swag, you don’t need to do it all yourself.

Contact us today. I'd welcome the opportunity to help.

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