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5 Things You Should Know About Tank Tops

Are you thinking a tank top may be good for your brand or perhaps not appropriate for work? The tank top may not be for everyday office wear, but for some events, it may be the perfect alternative to offer employees, fans, and friends a way to be more comfortable and express themselves outside the office.

Some likely occasions to wear a tank top include casual gatherings like picnics, barbecues, beach parties, and outdoor concerts. For brands that are active, workouts, tank tops are a practical choice to help you stay cool during physical activities. With the variety of styles available, the tank top may not be for the office, but doesn’t mean you can’t consider it for your company swag.

  1. The Cambridge dictionary defines Tank Tops as “A piece of clothing that covers the upper part of the body but not the arms, and usually has a U- or V-shaped opening at the neck”

  2. The tank top was first introduced in the 1920’s, when the top of bathing suits became "tank suits", as swimming pools were commonly referred to as tanks in England.

  3. There are several styles of tank top, including: Racerback, Flowy, Ribbed, Muscle, Jersey and Sleeveless and athletic tanks with hoods.

  4. Bella Canvas offers 22 different styles of tanks including a bodysuit, high neck, mock neck and flowy boxy tank top.

  5. Movies such as Footloose, Die Hard, and Con Air featured A-listers such as Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, and Nicholas Cage wearing tank tops and helped accelerated the popularity of the style.

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