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A Tribute to Our Mascot and Buddy, Oliver

Our company lost our first mascot a few weeks ago, and after having some time to reflect, I'm reminded of what I care most about in life and in business: enjoying the ride.

In 2016, I began bringing Oliver into work on an almost daily basis. Despite his beagle tendencies, he was a good boy. He slept, he greeted customers relentlessly, and at lunchtime, he reminded us all that he was everyone’s best friend. I've realized how much he actually contributed to Ink’d as one of our 'best managers'.

Our company email is - Oliver made everyone he came in touch with happy. It’s what we strive to do as a company.

There’s something calming and reassuring about having a dog at the office.

As a 20lb Pocket Beagle, Oliver was the great diffuser.

In this rushed world, Oliver made the busiest of clients pause to pet him in our store. In our most frantic production times, producing quality swag on a large scale for clients all over the world, he would scurry in to be part of the crew and not be left out.

He always slept in funnier and more weird places and positions. He was our constant reminder that love conquers all and while our work is important, it wasn’t everything. Funnily enough, that reassurance from our pet helped us stay calmer, stay present, and get more done.

And now with him gone, his younger brother Arkie steps into the main role.

As Oliver would have wanted, the Happy must go on.

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