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Company Swag on Social Media – Best Examples

Using social media to promote your business is a powerful tool you shouldn't ignore. One creative way to do it is showcasing your company swag. In this article, we'll explore the best examples of company swag on social media, the elements of successful company swag, and strategies for showcasing your swag online.

What is Swag from a Company?

Company swag refers to promotional merchandise and branded items, such as apparel, accessories, and office supplies. Brands use them to raise awareness, boost employee engagement, and build customer loyalty. Company swag can range from custom t-shirts and hoodies to unique items like branded water bottles, reusable bags, and even tech gadgets.

Why do Companies Give Swag?

Employee swag can promote a unique workplace culture, increase engagement, and boost employee productivity. This shows your employees that you value and appreciate their efforts.

But swag can also be a great way to promote your brand online. You should use swag items on social media if you'd like to:

Boost brand visibility

Sharing images of your company swag on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter helps to increase your brand's visibility. It's an opportunity to showcase your company culture and values, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

Create a sense of community

Sharing company swag on social media can help foster a sense of community among your employees and customers. It encourages people to feel proud of being associated with your brand and can help develop a loyal customer base.

Increase employee engagement

Featuring employees wearing or using company swag on social media can boost employee engagement and morale. It makes employees feel valued and appreciated, which can result in increased productivity and a positive work environment.

Best Examples of Company Swag on Social Media

While there are many companies who promote their swag on social media, not a lot of them use this strategy to its full potential. Here are the best examples we find of brands who present their swag as a strong marketing asset:

Google branded merchandise

Google's vast selection of branded merchandise includes everything from T-shirts and hoodies to notebooks and water bottles. The iconic Google logo and its recognizable colors make their swag instantly identifiable.

Company uses social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote its merchandise and engage with fans. Google's swag photos often feature employees or fans wearing Google-branded apparel, creating a sense of community and pride among its followers.


Microsoft offers an impressive lineup of branded products such as clothing, tech accessories, and office supplies. These items are not only functional but also showcase the company's commitment to quality and innovation.

By sharing images and videos of employees and fans using Microsoft-branded products on social media platforms, Microsoft effectively promotes its swag. As a result, Microsoft's online presence is further strengthened thanks to these posts, which generate excitement and enthusiasm among the brand's followers.


Mailchimp, the popular email marketing platform, offers an array of creative swag items like socks, hats, and plush toys. Their quirky, eye-catching designs differentiate Mailchimp's swag from other companies and create a memorable brand experience.

Mailchimp's Instagram and Twitter accounts often showcase their unique swag items, garnering a lot of attention and engagement from fans. The company also encourages its followers to share their own photos and experiences with Mailchimp swag, resulting in a highly interactive and entertaining social media presence.


GitHub, a web-based platform for version control and collaboration, offers a wide range of swag items such as T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and pins. These products often feature the distinctive GitHub Octocat logo, making them easily recognizable and highly sought after by fans.

GitHub's social media accounts feature their swag collection, often highlighting their unique designs. GitHub fosters a sense of community and pride among its users by encouraging followers to share their own swag photos. In platforms like Twitter and Instagram, this strategy has resulted in highly engaged and passionate audiences.


NASA's official merchandise is known for its distinctive space-themed designs, featuring everything from astronaut-inspired apparel to space shuttle-shaped USB drives. These items are not only visually appealing but also serve as a reminder of NASA's pioneering role in space exploration.

Using social media, NASA effectively connects with space enthusiasts around the world and showcases its swag. Agency posts pictures and videos of its merchandise and stories from fans who've used it. NASA keeps a strong online presence and inspires future generations of space explorers with this approach.


Semrush, a leading digital marketing analytics platform, offers a variety of branded merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and notebooks. The company's swag items are designed to be both functional and stylish, reflecting Semrush's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Semrush actively promotes its swag on social media, sharing images of their products and engaging with fans posting their photos. Semrush has created a loyal and engaged community of users who love to show off their affiliation.

Elements of Successful Company Swag

Successful company swag needs to be high-quality, practical, and reflect the brand's identity, showing its values and mission. Ideally should be something that people would want to use or wear in their daily life.

Unique and memorable design

To make your company swag stand out, focus on creating unique and memorable designs that reflect your brand's personality and values. This will help ensure that your swag is easily recognizable and memorable to your target audience.

Take a look at this piece of Google’s merch:

It features the T-Rex that appears if you try to browse the internet with Google Chrome without an internet connection.

This funny nod to current Google Chrome users builds a stronger connection with the brand. Plus, since the swag item is high-quality, it can serve as a decoration piece for any tech-lover who’s working at Google.

Quality materials

Investing in high-quality materials for your company swag is essential. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to quality, but it also ensures that your swag will be used and appreciated by your employees and customers.

Consistent branding

Ensure that your company swag is consistent with your overall branding. This includes using your brand's logo, colors, and messaging to create a cohesive and professional image.

For example, Mailchimp offers several swag items using the same theme – the famous Freddie, the company’s brand hero:

The consistency of the brand is maintained with every swag piece they offer. If you have a similar brand hero as Mailchimp, don’t hesitate to make it a real star of your swag.

Strategies for Showcasing Company Swag on Social Media

Encourage employees to share

Motivate your employees to share images of themselves wearing or using your company swag on social media. This can help boost employee engagement and create a sense of pride and camaraderie.

Create branded hashtags

Develop unique branded hashtags for your company swag and encourage employees and customers to use them when sharing images on social media. This will make it easy for others to find and engage with your content.

Collaborate with influencers

Partner with influencers in your industry to showcase your company swag on their social media profiles. This can help to increase your brand's reach and credibility.

Run social media contests

Host social media contests that encourage users to share images of themselves with your company swag. This can help to increase engagement and generate user-generated content, which is often seen as more authentic and trustworthy than branded content.

We could add to this physical stands like E&Y career days (participants in most cases posting tho

Final thoughts

Company swag on social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your brand and fostering a sense of community among your employees and customers. By taking inspiration from successful examples, focusing on quality and design, and using strategic approaches to showcase your swag, you can make a lasting impression and boost your brand's visibility online. And if you need help designing your next swag campaign, shoot us a message, and we’ll reach out in the next 24 hours!


1. What is company swag?

Company swag refers to promotional merchandise and branded items that are used to create brand awareness, boost employee engagement, and build customer loyalty.

2. Why should I showcase my company swag on social media?

Showcasing company swag on social media can help boost brand visibility, create a sense of community, and increase employee engagement.

3. What are some best examples of company swag on social media?

Some of the best examples of company swag on social media include Google, Airbnb, Spotify, Adobe, and Mailchimp.

4. What are the elements of successful company swag?

Successful company swag should have a unique and memorable design, be made from quality materials, and maintain consistent branding.

5. How can I maximize the impact of my company swag on social media?

To maximize the impact of your company swag on social media, encourage employees to share, create branded hashtags, collaborate with influencers, and run social media contests.

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