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Desktop Organizers: Do it the Right Way

Not all organizers are created equal when preventing the workspace from becoming an eyesore.  The key is to avoid two things - a boring look, and not enough capability.

Why even get one?

Owning a desktop organizer is a no-brainer for me.  Not only can the right organizer have a decorative effect on the workspace, but it keeps everything you need within reach, preventing the classic digging through a pile of tools for that one right pen. It's that simple - a desktop organizer helps you feel and look like a pro.

Let the Thoughts Flow, Stop the Clutter

We've established you need a desktop organizer.  Now which one to get?  It depends on what you want.  For those who like to draw out their ideas like me, while still looking for the perfect organizer that blends with their PC setup, keeping things compact, you can't lose with the Whiteboard Desk Organizer.

This super useful tool keeps my desk sticky-note and clutter-free while letting my thoughts flow at the same time. Slip this tool between your monitor and keyboard, and thank me later!

The Compact High-Tech Organizer

Now not everyone's desk allows them to shove a large object like this between their keyboard and monitor.  Maybe all you want is a pen holder with phone charging capability. Ink'd Stores has you covered there too. Our bamboo, customizable wireless phone charging, pencil cup can add a snappy look to your desk and make your life easier.

Add your company logo to this neat piece of customizable tech and never lose a pen, or your phone for that matter, again.

The Combo Solution

You may be saying "Jay, I want to both be able to jot my thoughts down, have a compact organizer, and charge my phone with a custom organizer! I don't want to have to choose".  Guess what, you don't.  With the Wireless Charging Desk Organizer With Dry Erase Board, you get the best of both the above options.

How can Ink'd Stores help you?

Ink'd Stores is a custom apparel and promotional marketing company. We specialize in on-demand swag stores for companies and organizations. We also work to identify the best promotional marketing gifts and giveaways to make you stand out in a crowd.

Want a fresh idea? Ask Ink'd by emailing or calling 774-266-2391.

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