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Most Surprising Company Swag

Company swag refers to promotional items or merchandise branded with a company logo or slogan. They are often given away to clients, customers, and employees as a form of advertising or a way to build brand loyalty.

But wait, why swag? You might ask. These items serve not just as tokens of appreciation, but they also help in spreading brand awareness, thereby acting as a tool for effective marketing.

Yet, most companies can’t use the full potential of swag items in their HR and marketing operations. In this article, we’ll show you 10 surprising swag items that will make your employees smile and actually use their gifts every day.

10 Surprising Swag Items

Your swag doesn’t need to be boring! We found 10 examples of original company swag ideas that will surprise your employees and help your brand stand out.

1. Customized socks

This is an innovative twist on traditional company swag. They go beyond just being functional. Your logo can be used as a part of a fashion or lifestyle statement.

Google is a great example of a company where the employees have a forceful bond with the company swag. They wear the Google logo with pride, treating it as a status symbol.

No wonder Google puts their logo on a lot of everyday-use items, such as hats or socks:

2. Personalized puzzles

Who doesn’t like chilling with a nice puzzle? Using your brand elements, messages, or a logo to create an interactive game not only provides a fun activity but also involves the recipient to literally put your brand together!

3. A fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is an excellent way to keep track of your health and improve your personal well-being. With features like tracking steps and calories burned, they can help users maintain a healthy lifestyle. Branding such a tool demonstrates your company's concern for the recipient's health.

4. A plant kit with eco-friendly materials

They send a positive environmental message while adding a touch of natural beauty to any setting.

This kit provides the recipient with the satisfaction of caring for a plant from seed, often including a biodegradable pot, soil, and seeds. Adding your company's logo reinforces the connection between your brand and growth and sustainability.

And did you know indoor plants can boost productivity by 15%? It's possible that an eco-friendly plant kit can increase the productivity of your recipients.

5. Branded virtual reality headsets

If you want to offer your employees immersive experiences, a VR set might be the way to go. You can subtly associate your brand with innovation and excitement through these devices, such as transferring users to different worlds or providing virtual tours.

Just imagine how cool it would be if your employees could get to know your company better this way!

6. Custom laptop covers or sleeves

Custom covers brighten up a laptop while protecting it from scratches and damage. They are often made of vinyl or hard plastic. Whenever someone opens their laptop, they can see your company logo on these covers.

7. Branded umbrellas

They offer practicality and visibility. This canopy promotes your brand as well as providing protection on rainy days. Umbrellas are useful items as well as mobile reminders of your brand.

8. Gourmet food kits

If you know your team members are foodies, a custom food kit can be a great gift.

Whether they are DIY sushi kits or artisanal chocolate boxes, these kits are a powerful way to create a positive and delicious association with your company.

9. A bamboo BBQ set

Adding some eco-friendly and durable tools to lovers of outdoor grilling might be a great swag idea. Aside from their functional purpose, these sets also remind users of your brand during every BBQ session, subtly promoting both your brand and sustainability.

10. Oven mitts

They offer safety and fun to any kitchen. If you add a touch of color to them and use your logo as a decorative element, your brand will be promoted each time they're used.

How to approach choosing if a company should use those items:

Understand your audience

The best swag items require a thorough understanding of who your audience is. Get to know their hobbies, preferences, and demographic profiles. Based on this knowledge, you can tailor your promo items to align with their needs and desires.

Knowing your audience also ensures the swag items you choose to provide genuine value to the recipients. The worst kind of swag is a swag that lands in the trash right after the employee receives it. Putting some thought and attention to picking your swag items will help you prevent this from happening.

For example, if you are a SaaS startup, and your employees are a tech-savvy group – they’d probably appreciate a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. If your team is more environmentally conscious – they’d most likely value an eco-friendly plant kit more.

Think Outside the Box

Choose swag items that aren't typical and make your company stand out. Consider products that are creative and distinctive, such as eco-friendly utensils or customized puzzles.

Original promotional items stand out among the commonplace, overused items. Personalized reusable straws, bespoke puzzles, or eco-friendly plant kits all illustrate the unconventional side of promotional items.

With these unique options, companies show their creative flair and careful consideration – qualities that potential clients or employees will appreciate, recall, and associate with them.

Ensure Your Promotional Items Reflect Your Brand Identity

Your promotional items should reflect the values and character of your company. Choose items that are in line with your company's narrative, corporate culture, and aesthetics, such as:

  • reusable straws

  • plant kits

  • fitness trackers

Choosing promotional products that reflect your company's values can make a big impact. It shows that your organization cares more about environmental sustainability, health, and wellness than just profit.

Make it functional

The more valuable and frequently used swag items are those that are both attractive and useful. The value of your swag items comes from their utility in addition to their aesthetic appeal. In turn, this keeps your brand visible to your customers on a daily basis.

Items like phone chargers or portable water bottles, catering to the health-conscious or people always on the go, are just a few examples. Personalized laptop covers can also serve as a constant reminder of your brand as they serve as both unique and functional items.

Making your swag functional enhances brand visibility and recognition.

Get feedback

It is crucial to seek feedback from your employees or customers before making final decisions on your swag choices. Get their input to make sure the items will be well received by the intended recipients.

Involving your team in the decision-making process shows that you value their opinions. Also, you can gauge the effectiveness of the swag items by tracking how they're used and engaged. Make sure you keep an eye on how often the items are used, if they get positive reactions, and if they increase brand visibility.

This will help you make informed choices for future swag purchases, ensuring that you get the maximum impact for your investment. Your promotional efforts will be more successful if you continually evaluate and improve your swag choices based on feedback and usage data.

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