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My very first blog post for Ink'd

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


After years of threatening to write a blog, here I am.

Social media is overwhelming. But I have no doubt these will end up there. So somehow, I've convinced myself that this isn't the same thing. It probably is.

So why a blog?

I write a lot of emails. It's the main form of communication with clients; and a lot of times, there's valuable information contained in those emails that I want to share with the world - or at least, my world.

This feels like an easy and safe way to do that.

For example: Comfort Colors inventory is ravaged. If you wanted a short sleeve Comfort Colors Heavyweight Garment Dyed Tee Shirt, you couldn't find any of their 50+ colors that have 1 unit in Small through 3XL. So naturally, I look for alternatives only to find, the same issues exist for almost everything in the garment washed, short sleeve tee shirt category.

In my mind, that feels blogworthy information that more than one person should know.

So, here we go. Let's see where we get to!

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