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New Years Resolutions: Don't Quit, Get Fit!

Updated: Jan 5

New year, new chance to make your New Year’s resolution of a more active and healthy lifestyle last more than a week right? If you’ve convinced yourself that 2024 is the year you finally get yourself to the gym and start incorporating less fast food and more leans and greens into your diet, you are certainly not alone. In a recently released article by Forbes Health titled “New Years Resolution Statistics 2024”, the most common resolution for this year is to improve fitness (48%), followed closely in the top 5 by losing weight (34%) and improving diet (32%). Based on these numbers, it’s safe to say a good amount of your team members have similar resolutions. While setting these goals is a great start, in order to succeed you need the right tools. A painter can’t paint without their brushes, right? Well, at least not as well. If you want to kickstart your fitness journey and help your employees do the same, consider gifting them one of these 10 effective, customizable fitness tools: 

A Gym Bag

We only have 2 hands, and yet so much to carry when going to the gym! A change of clothes, some form of hydration, headphones, your phone, maybe a post gym snack. Safe to say, a bag to carry all of this would be incredibly helpful. 

Bluetooth Headphones / Earbuds 

Nothing gets you more motivated to move than some inspirational pump up music! That is until you accidentally tug on a cord and yank your earbud out mid jog. This can all be avoided with the magic of bluetooth. 

Performance Apparel 

Have you tried working out in clothing that hinders dexterity? It’s definitely not ideal. Gift your employees a sweat wicking t-shirt or track jacket that helps keep them cool, comfortable, and able to move freely.

Kitchen Utensils 

A healthy diet starts with learning how to cook healthy meals! For a more creative gift, consider cutting boards, knife sets, and frying pans! 

Yoga Mat

Gifting your team members a yoga mat is no stretch, it’s a real possibility and a great option to induce flexibility.

Fitness Tracker 

Assist your team with staying on track and actually keeping tabs on their progress with a fitness tracker! These are great for following distance, calories burned, and heart rate. 

Jump Rope 

Some see it as a nostalgic childhood toy and others see it as an easy, portable option to get effective cardio in! Who says exercising can’t be fun? 

Resistance Band Set 

Resistance bands are great for strength training and physical therapy. They help activate and tone the muscles, while also coming in lots of fun colors. 

Water Tumbler

One of the most important factors of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying hydrated. claims we should be drinking 2.7-3.7 liters of water a day. Inspire your employees to drink more with an insulated tumbler that keeps their water nice and cold. 


Show you care by giving your team a miniature spa that will help combat muscle soreness after a workout. These little tools are easily portable and pack a punch on the hamstrings. 

New Year’s resolutions surrounding fitness don’t need to be failed and mourned by week 2 of the new year. With the right tools and the right motivation, 2024 can finally be the year that proves victorious for you and your employees. So, good luck achieving all the goals you’ve set forth in this upcoming year! 

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