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PPAI Expo 2024: What Stood Out

In the world of promotional products, no event stirs up excitement quite like the PPAI Expo. This annual convention which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada is a hub for industry professionals to showcase all the best, new, innovative products that consumers can customize. Here at Ink’d Stores, we’re always looking to expand our minds on what will add practicality, comfort, and excitement to our offerings. So, you know our team was in attendance as we are every year to learn about the advancements within our industry that have taken place in the last 365 days. Here are some of the brands and products that really stood out to us as we walked through the quarter million net square feet of exhibit space. 


This new innovative company created by Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak has really taken “thinking outside of the box” to the next level. Not only does this line offer some of the best quality products under a plethora of categories, but they do so in completely recycled, futuristic packaging that can be repurposed in relation to the product you purchase. For example, if you choose to order pens through Rupt, the box they come in will also serve as a pen holder. Some boxes shift into beautiful displays, while others transform into desk clocks. We are very excited to see what Rupt continues to develop with their unique designs.  

Dirty Cookie: 

There’s nothing like a sweet treat to get you going through the day, and trying out Dirty Cookie’s cookie shots definitely gave Ink’d Stores a joyful pick-me-up. Featured on Shark Tank, these mouthwatering edible cups are lined on the inside with a flavored chocolate and then filled with a liquid of your choosing. Are you team milk, coffee, or something a little more 21+? Regardless, you’ll be going for seconds as soon as the last bite is gone. 


Picture this, you’re making yourself an ice cold refreshing drink…but not just with any old ice from a standard ice tray. Instead, you’re using ice from a custom ice mold made by Siligrams. Whether it’s cubed or spherical, it sure looks cool with your company logo on it. Choose from an inverted logo to a raised logo to elevate the look even further, and take a nice long sip of your customized drink experience. 


Everybody knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but rhinestones are a close second. Walking by Foxyware’s exhibit was like walking into a sparkling fantasy. If you can think it, they can bling it. A few items that particularly stood out to us were their gorgeous tumbler cups, intricate lighters, shimmering lanyards,  and seriously fun hairspray bottle caps. Talk about statement pieces that would make a perfect gift for that person in your life that loves flaunting their “extra” gene. 

Bubble Tree:

Let's face it, being an adult can be hard. So, why not revert back to childhood even if only for a moment with Bubble Tree? Bubble Tree is the original refillable bubble system that sells soapy goodness in aluminum cans. That makes them good for the environment and good for the soul. Ink’d Stores CEO Jay Sapovits couldn’t help but grab a bottle and start blowing. This feel good company is providing a great opportunity to reintroduce fun into the promotional product world. 

The energy at this year’s PPAI convention was palpable, and did not disappoint in any capacity. With over 16,000 industry professionals in attendance, it’s safe to say that the promotional product industry has no plans on stopping taking the world by storm anytime soon. We can’t wait to see what these 5 innovative companies have in store for us this year, almost as much as we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you. 

How can Ink'd Stores help you?

Ink'd Stores is a custom apparel and promotional marketing company. We specialize in on-demand swag stores for companies and organizations. We also work to identify the best promotional marketing gifts and giveaways to make you stand out in a crowd.

Want a fresh idea? Ask Ink'd by emailing or calling 774-266-2391.

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