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The Stanley Mug has become a cultural phenomena.

Don't believe me? Google it - you'll get no less than 13m results and it seems everyone - and when I write, it means everyone - has weighed in on 'if it's worth it'?

And Finally, it has come to the Promo world, allowing company logo's while supplies last.

And, make no mistake, if you are late to this game, supplies won't last!

Here's a sampling including the headlines:

Spoiler alert, we get to this in the first 'graph: I’ve had mine for a few months now and, spoiler alert, I ended up buying a second.

Know any other Mugs that have a story? Enough said.

It is a top selling, highly rated tumbler that is so loved, it’s always selling out super quick! And for good reason IMO – I can’t go a day without my Stanley by my side.

So if you're in the market for the hottest gift of the year this holiday season, look no further.

There will be no overthinking it; the only choice is, 30oz or 40oz Stanley.

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