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Do you want to get the best deal on company swag?

Be a great client.

Here's how:

A key element, don't waste time.

Ask the right questions up front and demonstrate to the provider that you're not just “quote-seeking” from everyone on the internet.

What do I mean?

Most orders start as a quote.

You have an idea, you either have to pitch it internally or it's been decided that you're moving forward with a project.

When you engage, be prepared with the specifics as to what the order entails, including:

1. Due date:

If it's for an event, say it upfront as it’ll impact what the vendor recommends to you Some items can be done in 24–72 hours. But if you need a highly customized cap or an uncommon gadget, the provider needs more time to complete your order. if there's a crunch, be upfront.

2. Style:

“I want a T-shirt” doesn’t say much.

“Short sleeve, triblend T-shirt” says more. There are endless options when you leave it ambiguous. The less guessing the better chance you can get what you want.

3. Decoration:

What is it?

Price will be impacted greatly on this, so lead with it. Embroidered or printed?

4. Locations:

The more locations in a decoration appears on a product, the more it adds time and cost.

Full front, back, left chest, sleeve etc..

1 location per shirt is 1 press, 2 location per shirt is 2 press and so on, each press adds time and cost to your shirts

5. Colors:

Base color of a product only matters if it causes a color change to the decoration.

For example: Light print on a dark T-shirt requires another layer of white under the print.

But if you want 50/50 of an order, then you need to switch colors to print Black on white. What color is the product?

6. Decoration colors:

1 color prints cost less than 8 color prints.

Note down how many colors are in the decoration, so you can get a more accurate estimate.

And last but not least


If you have one, share it.

All reputable promotional companies are trying to get you the best product for a fair price.

The internet has democratized the industry, everyone knows what things should cost.

The key to setting your next swag campaign up for success are 3Ts:

  • Transparency

  • Thoroughness

  • Thoughtfulness

Keep them in mind while talking to your swag provider, and you’ll have a much more seamless experience planning your next promo merch.

And if you ever need help – shoot me a DM and let’s talk.

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