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Great Clients Will Win the Post Covid Promo Game

I'm just like you, I want what I want when I want it. When I can't get it, I get frustrated and start to google around thinking there's some one who can get me what I want.

Perhaps it's my age, or more likely my failures, that have taught me that this is a sure fire way for me to be disappointed.

Nothing will be more true than in the coming months in the promo world.

The styles you want will be sold out. The colors you want won't have a particular size. The brands you always ordered will be backordered and then miss those expected dates.

This is going to happen.

Now more than ever, be flexible, be trusting of the company and people you work with. They want to make sales and want you to be happy. If you're shifting and searching and trying to find what doesn't exist, you may get burned. And that burn may not even be malicious, it may be from a genuine desire for someone to help and expectations not being aligned.

If you are always in 'shopping' mode, trust me, it's hard to get the best from anyone. Choose a partner, don't treat them like a vendor and see your results flourish.

The ability to talk to my clients with no fear is what allows me to give them the best possible solutions available. If you take a partner approach to your business relationships, perhaps we should speak?

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