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How To Use Company Swag to Build Culture

Company swag is a great way to show your employees, especially new employees, that you appreciate them. When done right (read: not throwing shirts on desks) it can help build company culture and set morale off on the right foot. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of company swag and how to use it to improve your employee culture.

1. Show your appreciation

To do the big things well, People and Culture leaders must first master doing the little things well. Keeping it simple, gifting to your team or employee base makes them feel appreciated. Appreciated employees are statistically happier employees. Finding ways to create reminders of appreciation, in this case through swag, is a surefire way to support the biggest asset of any high-growth company - their people.

2. Create habits and traditions

Building successful companies starts with building successful teams, which starts with building a strong culture. However, this doesn't form overnight. Creating and reinforcing a strong culture needs to be a habit for any leader, manager, or HR team. It should be part of a process, typically started for new employees in the form of welcome kits.

3. Build a process that's employee-specific, not generic


Give all employees the same exact box of generic goods. This is the 'one-size-fits-all' approach that won't resonate as much. Not everyone can send Noogler hats and get away with it. A box with a hat and a large shirt is hardly personal or a good experience.


Send new employees a link to a company webstore with a code to purchase a set amount of swag, selecting their own size and picking specific items they like.

4. Be thoughtful

Use the 'office test'. If you walk into your office right now (or sign onto a few zoom calls) how many employees are proudly wearing the brand? This doesn't mean everyone should be wearing branded, colored sunglasses, but if you don't see a bunch of company swag like shirts, hoodies, or hats on folks - there could be deeper reasons why.

The best way to gift company swag that employees actually WANT to wear is:

  • Offer a big selection (brand, size, and color options)

  • Add in some variation (unique accessories)

  • Get the staples (shirts, hoodies, and totes) RIGHT with soft, durable brands


One of the benefits of company swag is that it can help build the environment that creates a culture among your employees and your brand. That culture is important because it helps define a company’s identity, standards, and values. Strong company culture can make employees feel more appreciated, more productive, and part of something bigger than themselves.

Company swag can play a huge part in building this culture and is another good example of the 'little things' that successful companies are increasingly building into their process.

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